LA MONK Gifts for Occasions (Herb Infused Ginger Honey, Organic Geranium Oil, Organic Rose Water, Kingdom Natural Perfume, Focus & Energise Aromatherapy Roll On and Bug Away Aromatherapy Candle)

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This Festive gift set idea for women and Men is incredibly adorable and can impress recipients of all ages. Whether it's a last-minute celebration or a thoughtful hostess gift, carefully curated gift box brings joy and delight to women and Men. With each item thoughtfully selected, the rich scent that fills the air when He/she opens the box will create an unforgettable and cherished experience. This gift contains Herb Infused Ginger Honey, Organic Geranium Oil, Organic Rose Water, Kingdom Natural Perfume, Focus & Energies Aromatherapy Roll On and Bug Away Aromatherapy Candle.

1. LA MONK Herb Infused Ginger Honey (300 mL)

Herb Infused LA MONK Ginger Honey is a rich antioxidant and also prevent stress. The wild honey when infused with the spicy roots of fresh ginger gives it a woody and floral aroma with a slightly sweet & spicy pungent taste.

2. LA MONK Organic Geranium Oil (15 mL)

LA MONK Essential Oil is a skin-balancing oil that improves the overall skin complexion, when used in dilution with LA MONK Carrier Oil. It is known for its beneficial effects on women's reproductive health. It can be helpful in easing the tension associated with the stress of daily life.

3. LA MONK Organic Rose Water (200 mL)

100% Pure LA MONK Rose Water is made by Hydro-steam distillation using an oldest technique of India known as "DEG Bhapka’’. Rosa centifolia soothes irritation, tones, cleanses and hydration skin for a supple and revitalized complexion. No added water, alcohol, fragrance, or preservatives. LA MONK pure Rose Water with Cucumber Extract is a Face & Body Mist from distilled centifolia rose petals that grows in small town of India called as ‘’VALLEY OF ROSES’’ This pure rose water is excellent way for any type of skin including dry or inflamed skin. It is used as a skin toner, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and slows the aging process, reduces swelling and puffiness under the eyes, restores moisture balance and hence refresh and energize the skin from within.

4. LA MONK Kingdom Natural Perfume (30 mL)

This Eau De Parfum is 100% Pure & Natural and belongs to Citrus Floral Family. This Perfume is inspired by the market of floral bouquet of kashmir surrounded with icy mountains. The top note consist of Sweet Orange blossoms with heart tones of tingling flowers of Ylang Ylang dipped inside the edible bottom tones of Vanilla & Cocoa.

 5. LA MONK Focus & Energize Aromatherapy Roll On (10 mL)

LA MONK Focus & Energize Aromatherapy Roll On is a mixture of Italian citrus fruits that are surrounded by the exhilarating aroma of Lemongrass & Indian spices, thus boosting your inner soul to focus & achieve your aim.

6. LA MONK Bug Away Aromatherapy Candle (200 gm)

LA MOK Bug Away Aromatherapy Candle has a fresh note of Lemongrass and Citronella that is beautifully blended to create an aroma which gives you a refreshing moment & allows you to feel energetic. This aroma also keeps the unwanted bugs away from you.

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