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LA MONK Kasturi Attar is created using the top notes of saffron and the bottom notes of pure sandalwood and musk, specifically kastoori. The unique blend of these ingredients creates a captivating aroma of powdery tones of musk. The musk, which is known for its dominating aroma, is highly cherished and loved by Lord Rama as described in the Ramcharitmanas in Baalkand - Chopyee 194, Doha 4:

 “सर्बस दान दीन्ह सब काहू। जेहिं पावा राखा नहिं ताहू॥ मृगमद चंदन कुंकुम कीचा। मची सकल बीथिन्ह बिच बीचा”॥

“The king gave generous donations to everyone. The one who found it looted it. There was mud of musk, sandalwood and saffron in the middle of all the streets (of the city)”

It is because of this association that attar is named as Kastoori Attar. Kastoori attar captures the essence of that timeless love for musk, making it a truly special and cherished fragrance.

How To Use Put few drops of pure La Monk KASTURI ATTAR on pulse points ( neck, wrists, inner elbow)
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