LA MONK Organic Holy Basil Oil (Tulsi)

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• Organic Holy basil has several medicinal properties and used by many medical practitioners as analgesic, antihistaminic, antidiabetic, antifertility, hypotensive and as antistress agents.

• has also been used in treatment of fever, bronchitis, arthritis etc.

• It helps to calm blood pressure, nerves and inflammation thus reduces stress.

• It is also helpful in treating many of germs, bacteria, virus and fungal infections. Diseases like malaria,Windows typhoid, flu can be cured by the effects w of tulsi.

Botanical Name Ocimum sanctum
Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Plant Parts Leaves
Plant Parts Leaves
How To Use Add few drops in diffuser & dilute with water. Add few drops in La Monk carrier oil for body application.
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