La Monk Premium Organic Rose Water

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100% Pure La monk Rose water is made by Hydro-steam distillation using an
oldest technique of India known as DEG Bhapka’’ . Rosa centifolia soothes
irritation, tones, cleanses and hydration skin for a supple and revitalized
complexion. No added water , alcohol, fragrance, or preservatives.
La monk pure Rose water with Cucumber extract is a face & Body Mist from
distilled centifolia rose petals that grows in small town of India called as ‘’VALLEY
OF ROSES’’ This pure rose water is excellent way for any type of skin including dry
or inflamed skin.
It is used as a skin toner, minimizes the appearance of fine lines ,wrinkles and
slows the aging process, reduces swelling and puffiness under the eyes, restores
moisture balance and hence refresh and energize the skin from within.

Botanical Name Rosa Damascena
How To Use Spray on cotton pad and apply on face to remove makeup and clean the skin. Mix with dry clay for a mask. Directly on face, Body and hairs for better results.
Ingredients Cucumber extract
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