LA MONK Vatta Massage Oil (Calming, Warming, Grounding)

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LA MONK Vatta Massage Oil is nourishing, grounding and calming. The synergistic blend of 10 herbs are infused into sweet warm Extra Virgin Sesame Oil to offer their strengthening, nourishing & revitalizing properties and thus enhancing vata-pacifying qualities of Sesame Oil which is used as its base. Vata Massage Oil is beneficial to relieve tension & stress from the muscles. It is a perfect choice for the fall & winter season when vata is most likely to be imbalanced.

How To Use Place the bottle of Vata Massage Oil in a bowl of warm water to gently warm it before use. Apply to the entire body and massage in circular motions over the joints. Generally, 1-2 ounce of oil is sufficient. Leave the oil on your skin for 20 minutes or until fully absorbed before showering.
Ingredients Ashwagandha, Bala, Vidari, Brahmi, Haritaki, Myrrh, Dashmool, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Extra Virgin Sesame Oil.
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