LA MONK Gifts for Wedding & Anniversary (Aloevera Gel with Vitamin E, Lemon Glyciren Soap, Mouth Freshener Pudina, Beaute Night Face Sreum (Normal Skin) and Magical Wood Pocket Perfume)

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1- LA MONK Aloevera Gel with Vitamin-E (200 mL) 

LA MONK Aloevera Gel can be used daily to remove acne, scars, sunburns, dandruff, stretchmarks, and pimples. It  improves  hair quality by removing  excess oil and dandruff  from the scalp and prevents  wrinkles  and  fine lines.

2- LA MONK Handmade Lemon Glycerin Soap (100 gm) 

LA MONK Handmade Lemon Glycerin Soap comes with ingredients like Lemon Oil & Glycerin. which makes it a great herbal skin care product. The presence of lemon oil in the soap makes it a great cleanser for your skin, as it effectively removes excess oil and dirt.

3-LA MONK Spearmint mouth Freshener (10 mL) 

LA MONK Spearmint mouth Freshener gives you a fresh kick before any meeting or occasion.

  • Spearmint fresh kick mouth freshener is a minty & spicy way to freshen your breath.
  • Instantly kills germs & breath
  • Available in pocket friendly size for use on the go
  • Natural Pudina Mouth Freshener is safe to use
  • Each bottle has more than 100 sprays
  • No Alcohol / No artificial color/ Food Grade & safe to use

4- LA MONK Beaute Night Face Serum ( For Normal Skin) (30 mL) 

LA MONK BEAUTE FACE SERUM gives a glow to your skin and makes it smooth, traps moisture and keeps skiun refreshed & rejuvenated .
Helps to reduce the UV damage to the skin thus supporting the immune system, selffunctioning, and skin health.
Promotes natural moisturizing thus hydrating the skin and effectively giving it a radiant glow.
Naturally reduces inflammation and cleans the surface of the skin.

5- LA MONK Magical Wood Pocket Perfume (18 mL) 

LA MONK Magical Wood Pocket Perfume magical moment created by sprinkle of citrus fruit decorated with morning picked tuberose flowers and Bulgarian lavender. These are getting deeply immersed in jungle of Indian sandalwood.

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